PopUp Sale at The Guesthouse Hotel Vienna

Pop Up Sale, A EAMB night outEleonora Schönburg

First of all, we are very sorry for not putting effort in this blog for some months. We are full of good resolutions to do better in the future. Last month we joined the wonderful "Evening of Dinky Delights", a shopping event created by Maryam of YamYam Events. It was a hot summers evening at the beautiful Guesthouse Hotel Vienna, a very chic and recommendable hotel in Vienna's elegant city center. The nice staff served sparkling wine, there was music and a lot of amazing designer brands were selling their beautiful products. A lot of friends and fans came to visit our stand and some of them stayed for hours. We loved the atmosphere and are very much looking forward to do something alike as soon as possible. See you at the next event!

EAMBRANDIS Jewellery at ROMY Awards

Dressing Up, Positive feedbackEleonora Schönburg

A few days ago the most important event for actors, film makers and producers of the german speaking area took place in Vienna - the ROMY Awards. The famous Viennese Hofburg was a suitable stage for this exciting event. EAMBRANDIS Jewellery was very lucky and honored to provide stunning and talented actress Patricia Aulitzky (Falco - Verdammt, wir leben noch!, Lena Lorenz ZDF) with some pieces to top her perfect outfit for the night. Colorful Plumage Earrings with twelve pieces of vibrant citrine and a Wolfpack Ring looked wonderful on her and supported her strong and special personality. I was very happy to hear that Patricia had an amazing and fun night and that she enjoyed wearing these pieces of jewelry. Anytime again!


Photo Shoot, New pieces of jewelryEleonora SchönburgComment

Last month we were very happy and excited to shoot some new and gorgeous pieces of EAMBRANDIS jewellery. It was a spectacular autumn day: On the way to the studio early in the morning only the delicious, heavy french croissants kept the wind from taking my feet of the ground. We shooted with the talented photographer Aslan Kudrnofsky in her fantastic and charming studio. My friend and enchanting beauty Sophia did a wonderful job modelling the jewellery. While shooting it turned out we had the most intuitive and enjoyable work flow, it was fun to work with an all-girls-team for a change. We listened to music coming out of wooden speakers handmade by Aslans father, shared the passion for exquisite green tea as well as for a glass of sparkling wine after the job was done. Looking forward to seeing you ladies again soon!

EAMBRANDIS Jewellery at the Winter Sale at Burggasse 24

Pop Up Sale, Winter Sale, Positive feedbackEleonora Schönburg1 Comment

Burggasse 24 is one of Vienna's coolest vintage fashion shops led by the people of Peng! Magazine. It is a spacious beautiful place with a café attached featuring lovely furniture and an amazing wood stove. The shop organized a winter sale event some weeks ago and EAMBRANDIS Jewellery was lucky to be one of the exhibitioners. Many people came up to our stand and not just a small amount of pieces of jewellery have been bought. But most of all the positive feedback left me overwhelmed. There is nothing better in the world then to get appreciation for your work and nothing gives you more energy and motivation to go on and improve. Many thanks to all the lovely costumers and we are looking very much forward to the next occasion!

EAMBs First Shooting went great

New pieces of jewelry, Photo Shoot, Starting a businessEleonora SchönburgComment

Our workshop has delivered the first bundle of shiny, new EAMBRANDIS Jewellery some weeks ago and so it was time to have our very first shooting. I have been very excited and also a little nervous for that day. But it turned out to be a fantastic shooting at the beautiful studio of my friend Julian Mullan who works as a photographer and graphic designer. Almira Avdyli was modeling the EAMBRANDIS Jewellery with great patience and commitment. I love her unique look, her huge green eyes and her hair, that is like thick, radiant copper. Almira usually works as stylist and make up artist(with crazy working times) and owns a very nice blog about fashion and things. Mahir Jahmal is a great and professional photographer (also great musician and number one Prince imitator) and i am very satisfied with the outcome. EAMBRANDIS Jewellery is constantly gaining style and charisma and there are many more shootings, postings and of course - pieces of jewellery to come!

EAMBRANDIS is about to be born

Thoughts, Starting a businessEleonora SchönburgComment

As the day of my graduation from arts history approached, the thought about starting my own business and working as a jewellery designer, as i did before, became stronger as well. 2013 turned into 2014, I looked through my sketches and drafts of pieces of jewellery and the exciting idea of them coming alive settled in my mind. Since then i have been working and forging on prototypes, thinking, feeling and gathering everything together to build a brand around them. Just now a persistently hot summer in which i worked, took a cold shower every fourty minutes, kept on working, drank great amounts of bracing green tea, is turning into calm and golden autumn, my favorite season, and EAMBRANDIS is almost ready to be shown to the world. I'd like to capture this moment, that, what i hope, is the calm before the storm. Like back in the days, when i used to paint, i still find it at least as beautiful to look at the color swatches, at the brief drafts capturing not so brief ideas, at the creation in progress, as to look at the accomplished work that comprises it all.

Prototyping the feather earring

Cool Outfits, Jewellery in the making, A EAMB night outEleonora Schönburg1 Comment

I have been planning to do a collection of plumage inspired jewellery pieces for a long time. There you see how a firstborn of this collection looks like. I was taking this single copy to the theater where i was invited to by my good friend and actress Elisabeth last night. When the feather earring is going to be published it will bring a few other family members along and i am very looking forward to that day. I personally love the style very much. Just one of these pieces changes a simple striped shirt and a hair bun outfit into a very cool and unique look. So we didn't waste ourselves to only be part of the audience in the dark that night but spend a couple more hours in one of the nicest bars in town after the play.