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Prototyping the feather earring

Cool Outfits, Jewellery in the making, A EAMB night outEleonora Schönburg1 Comment

I have been planning to do a collection of plumage inspired jewellery pieces for a long time. There you see how a firstborn of this collection looks like. I was taking this single copy to the theater where i was invited to by my good friend and actress Elisabeth last night. When the feather earring is going to be published it will bring a few other family members along and i am very looking forward to that day. I personally love the style very much. Just one of these pieces changes a simple striped shirt and a hair bun outfit into a very cool and unique look. So we didn't waste ourselves to only be part of the audience in the dark that night but spend a couple more hours in one of the nicest bars in town after the play.