EAMBRANDIS is about to be born

Thoughts, Starting a businessEleonora SchönburgComment

As the day of my graduation from arts history approached, the thought about starting my own business and working as a jewellery designer, as i did before, became stronger as well. 2013 turned into 2014, I looked through my sketches and drafts of pieces of jewellery and the exciting idea of them coming alive settled in my mind. Since then i have been working and forging on prototypes, thinking, feeling and gathering everything together to build a brand around them. Just now a persistently hot summer in which i worked, took a cold shower every fourty minutes, kept on working, drank great amounts of bracing green tea, is turning into calm and golden autumn, my favorite season, and EAMBRANDIS is almost ready to be shown to the world. I'd like to capture this moment, that, what i hope, is the calm before the storm. Like back in the days, when i used to paint, i still find it at least as beautiful to look at the color swatches, at the brief drafts capturing not so brief ideas, at the creation in progress, as to look at the accomplished work that comprises it all.