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Photo Shoot, New pieces of jewelryEleonora SchönburgComment

Last month we were very happy and excited to shoot some new and gorgeous pieces of EAMBRANDIS jewellery. It was a spectacular autumn day: On the way to the studio early in the morning only the delicious, heavy french croissants kept the wind from taking my feet of the ground. We shooted with the talented photographer Aslan Kudrnofsky in her fantastic and charming studio. My friend and enchanting beauty Sophia did a wonderful job modelling the jewellery. While shooting it turned out we had the most intuitive and enjoyable work flow, it was fun to work with an all-girls-team for a change. We listened to music coming out of wooden speakers handmade by Aslans father, shared the passion for exquisite green tea as well as for a glass of sparkling wine after the job was done. Looking forward to seeing you ladies again soon!