Beach Ring

The Beach Ring is a very light and comfortable companion. Beach Rings love to be combined with more of their colorful kind - stacked or on multiple fingers. Choose between tourmalines in bright pink and all shades of green, aquamarines as blue as the sky and shimmering white labradorites.


Bow Bangle

The Bow Bangle wraps around your wrist making you the nicest gift anyone could wish for. Bow Bangles are sweet and bold, and definitely something new and special on the arm candy scene.


Plumage Earrings

Plumage Earrings are very modern and sophisticated. Feel uplifted with some feathers behind your ears, adding an extravagant touch at day or at night. We love to wear these earjackets as a pair as well as a single on just one ear.

download (1).png

Riverstone bracelet

Riverstones feel smooth and vivid when you hold them in your hand. The Riverstone Bracelet is made of solid stone shaped silver nuggets that give you the same feeling of smoothness around your wrist. The bracelet elements feature a brushed surface and shimmer like stones lying at the ground of a river.