Young and lively, confident and creative, elegant and alluring.

Every Piece of Jewellery must have its own personality.

About EAM (Eleonora Anna Maria) BRANDIS

My siblings and I had the great fortune of growing up in a beautiful renaissance castle in the north of Italy. I was a calm and dreamy kid who loved to wander around the house, listening to my mother playing the piano or painting and drawing with my father, who taught me a lot about art, imagination and storytelling. Staying engaged with aesthetics, I have worked as a Goldsmith and Designer since 2005 while studying arts history. Today EAMBRANDIS Jewellery has become the natural consequence of my journey. 

Delicate Designs from Vienna

EAMBRANDIS Jewellery designs are developed by me personally in my studio in Vienna, Austria. Every prototype gets worn and discussed by my friends and me. If passing the test, these prototypes are being passed on to our traditional goldsmith workshop and added to the EAMBRANDIS Jewellery production. Our jewellery is made of precious materials: gold, silver and natural gemstones.


Every Piece is Handmade

Every piece of EAMBRANDIS jewellery is handmade using traditional goldsmith techniques. It is important to us that the pieces are unique and special.

Every EAMBRANDIS piece has its own character just like its owner has. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any question or special inquiries.