Plumage Earjackets

Plumage Earjackets

from 140.00

Plumage Earjackets are modern and sophisticated. Feel uplifted with some feathers behind your ears, adding an extravagant touch at day or at night.

Choose and switch between different drop shaped gemstones: Pretty lilac amethyst, radiant blue topaz, honey-colored citrine, hypnotic green peridot, beautiful pinkish red rhodolite, delicate, clear rock crystal or elegant, cognac brown smoke crystal.

  • Handmade And Unique

  • 925/000 Sterling Silver

  • Optional Rhodium, 18 Carat Yellow Gold or 18 Carat Rose Gold Plating

  • A Work of 100% Passion and Creativity

  • In Solid 14 Carat Gold on Order

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As EAMBRANDIS Jewellery is handmade, our products might have slight inconsistencies. This is what makes every piece unique and special. Our natural gemstones may vary in size, shape and color.

Behind The Ear Earrings are put on in front (studs) and in the back (second part and clasp) of your earlobe. The length of the second, hanging part can be adjusted to your earlobe by choosing between three holes. 

Write to us if your wish to order your favorite piece of jewellery made in solid 14 carat gold.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or wishes concerning the EAMBRANDIS Jewellery piece of your choice.